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The JST Nutrition® shaker is a large cup with removable lid and flip drinking cap. Inside is a removable mesh to help mix your protein powder with the liquid.

This shaker also includes a high food grade metal mixer ball to make the perfect blend for your shake.

Graded measurements in both ml and oz are present on the side of the cup so you know exactly how much fluid you have filled up with.

Printed with the new JST Nutrition branding.

Easy wash.

Made in the UK.

BPA Free.


  • Large cup holding 800ml of liquid (measures upto 700ml).
  • Graded scale in ml and oz.
  • Food graded mixer ball for improved blending.
  • Removable lid for easy drinking and cleaning.
  • Leak proof.
  • Internal mesh for more effective mixing.
  • High quality, non-toxic plastic.
  • JST Branding.